The client

Some tasks and training push companies to the limit of available resources and even beyond. Vantisgo helps ensure individual performance with our experts, leaders and training formats.

Website design and development

We crafted user-friendly website for Vantisgo, showcasing their unique offerings and value proposition. Utilizing WordPress, we ensured seamless navigation and optimized functionality.

Main page / Hero section
Angebote page

Coaching page

Coaching Leader (Old school design)

Team page

Branding Materials

To reinforce Vantisgo’s professional image, we designed captivating roll-up banners, a distinct folder design, and a company structure layout that reflected their years of successful operation.

Roll-up banners

Vantisgo, Roll up banner design – Live

Folder design

Vantisgo, Folder Design – Light Version
Vantisgo, Folder Design – Dark Version

A successful company structure

Creating Organizations that work over decades

Multimedia Design

Crealeon team created eye-catching video banners and captivating cover designs for Vantisgo’s promotional videos, capturing attention and enhancing brand recognition.


The result

Throughout the project, our team demonstrated a deep understanding of Vantisgo’s goals and translated them into visually appealing and effective marketing materials.

The relaunch of the website with a new design. The response to the new visual style and website has been overwhelming, both from the Vantisgo team and their own clients. We will continue to work with the Vantisgo team to support new queries and updates, as well as to further optimise the website.

Dr. Frederik Hümmeke

The Vantisgo framework

is used by top companies across Europe and in over a thousand small businesses