At our agency, we were excited to work with Mum’s in shock tattoo parlour to help them establish a strong online presence. To start, we created a website for them using CMS WordPress, which made it easy for them to update their content and keep their site looking fresh.

But that was just the beginning. We also provided photo and video maintenance services to help showcase their work to potential clients. In addition, we developed a social media strategy and maintenance plan that allowed them to build a following and engage with their audience on popular platforms.

To ensure that Mum’s in shock tattoo parlour is accurately represented online, we have taken over the management of their Google My Business card and Google Search Console. Additionally, we use Google Analytics to analyze user behavior and identify areas where the customer journey can be optimized to shorten the path to their target.

We then take the insights gathered from our analysis and implement analytics hypotheses to make data-driven decisions. By examining the results of our changes, we can further modify the website to continually improve the user experience and ensure the best possible online representation for the business.

Our team’s efforts have been instrumental in helping Mum’s in shock tattoo parlour establish a robust digital foundation, attracting new customers daily and contributing to the growth of their business. As we continue to work together, we remain committed to maintaining and enhancing their online presence to ensure that their business continues to thrive.

Our partnership with Mum’s in shock tattoo parlour is a source of pride for us, and we are delighted to have played a role in their success.