We have established this information resource in strict adherence to the Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation, including Federal Law 212 “On the Fundamentals of Public Control in the Russian Federation,” Federal Law 273 “On Countering Corruption,” and Federal Law 135 “On Protection of Competition.”

This portal draws its foundation from the decisions made by the General Meetings, which serve as the highest governing body of the Russian Association for Seismic Construction and Protection against Natural and Man-made Disasters (hereinafter referred to as RASS). These decisions are made accessible to the public through the “Documents” section of the portal.

The materials available on the website consist of official documents from RASS, as well as legally obtained analytical and other relevant materials. These materials have been obtained through the discovery and investigation of illicit actions carried out by a group led by I.I. Vedyakov and A.A. Bubis. This group, through the submission of falsified documents to the Ministry of Justice of Russia, wrongfully seized control of the professional association, transforming it into a private organization. Subsequently, they engaged in illegal business activities within the state organization known as JSC “SIC Construction.”

The publication of these materials serves as a necessary and compelled action due to the lack of response and inaction by officials from the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor, the Ministry of Education and Science, and other federal executive bodies. These entities have failed to address the illegal activities carried out by the mentioned individuals through their exploitation of RASS. This publication also takes into account the decisions made during General Meetings and the appeals made by concerned citizens.

The ultimate objective of this initiative is to collect and publish the documents on the website, ensuring public access to information. Interested parties can thoroughly study the materials, thereby facilitating the potential for taking appropriate measures to suppress illegal activities and combat corruption.

Based on the decisions made during the General Meetings, it has been determined that the activities of PACS (presumably RASS) should be terminated.