What is strategic marketing?!

ROMI (Return on marketing investment)

Business indicator – ROMI (coefficient of return on marketing investments. This metric shows the profitability of marketing costs: advertising, website, SEO promotion, email newsletters, blog, and so on. ROMI takes into account only marketing costs, and does not include the costs of production of goods, salaries of employees, rental of premises.)

The main task of strategic marketing is to provide the brand with a stable position in the market.The main thing when developing a marketing strategy: measurability, complexity and profit orientation.

It is well suited for young companies that are at the initial stage of entering the market. It is also indispensable for established companies that have reached the “ceiling”, but want more growth.

  • Business analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Creating storefronts
  • Working with traffic
  • End-to-end analytics
  • Working with the sales department

Now let’s describe the main components of strategic marketing:

1. Strategy

The marketing strategy identifies the strengths of your company and compares them with the advantages of competitors. On its basis, the right course of promotion is formed. Annual budgets for promotion are planned. The correct vector of development of the company, product and brand is set.

  • PositioningBased on the data obtained, we develop the concept of perception of your product, this is what will be conveyed to your client through marketing tools.
  • DesigningWe develop a marketing strategy, supervise all issues of promotion throughout the entire period of support.

2. Brand

We develop the main aspects of positioning the company and the product in a competitive environment. We create an emphasis on its strengths and weaknesses of competitors. We create an identity based on a single creative idea, making the brand thematic, unique and recognizable. We materialize the company’s values in photos, descriptions and design.

  • GoalOur task is to form the name, logo, slogan and design based on the positioning of the company in the market, its positive aspects and distinctive features.
  • PositioningWe develop the main aspects of positioning the company and the product in a competitive environment, focusing on its strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  • IdentificationBased on the principles of positioning, we develop the company name, logo, brand names and stylistic elements.
  • Design systemWe develop unique design solutions of a single style that contribute to the recognition of the product on the market in all its manifestations (website, business cards, groups in social networks, advertising posts, product packaging, corporate colors, etc.)
  • IdentityWe visualize options for applying the brand’s corporate identity to various media – stationery, letterheads, product packaging, labels, business cards, decorative elements. We provide recommendations on the implementation of corporate identity.

A correctly positioned and packaged brand creates a positive image of the company and inspires confidence in a potential client. This facilitates the promotion of the company, increases the effectiveness of marketing tools. As a result, you get already “warmed up” applications.

3. Website development

In the current realities, one of the main marketing tools for promoting a company on the market is the company’s Website. We develop all the elements of the site based on the style of the company. We create conversion, trusting and informative blocks that gradually convey to the potential client all the strengths of your offer.

  • Marketing approachDuring the development of the site, all the tools we use are aimed at increasing the user’s trust in the brand, memorability of design elements and obtaining the best conversion from a visit to an application.
  • PrototypingBefore starting page modeling, we offer our clients to familiarize themselves with the prototypes. They reflect the general concepts of information presentation and the sequence of blocks with the approximate location of the content. This allows you to specify all the general aspects of the structure of the presentation of information on the site and avoid multiple adjustments and improvements. This way we save both our time and customers’ money.

4. Content

Properly structured content submitted according to the rules of a specially developed marketing strategy is extremely important for conversion. For our clients, we work out the content of the site to the smallest detail. By visiting a web resource, the user must quickly and clearly get answers to all his questions, gain confidence in the company and be able to quickly submit a request.

5. Promotion

Natural issuance is an important marketing tool, it allows you to receive applications conditionally “For Free!”. But, in order to get a web resource to a leading position, it is necessary to develop a promotion strategy, inform search robots about the topic and information on the site in the correct format, test usability and adjust the site, while maintaining the availability and marketing component of the content of the web resource.

  • Target traffic growthAs instilled sites that occupy a leading position in the output have a better conversion, this is due to increased confidence in the site, because the position of the site in the output for a specific request directly depends on the clarity of the answer to this question on the pages of the web resource.

6. Advertising

In modern realities, the most relevant way to attract customers is advertising on the Internet. We will develop an advertising campaign for you aimed at obtaining the minimum cost of receiving a targeted click.

  • Increased salesDuring the work of the advertising company, we adjust and refine it. We exclude all possible negative keywords, change the set of keywords, process images and headings, correct the text on the site itself, etc. This contributes to an increase in CTR and an improvement in the ROI indicator.
  • Increased awarenessWe carry out all advertising tools in the same style – the style of the promoted company. This contributes to the memorability and recognition of the company on the web, which in turn increases trust, thereby improving sales.

Contextual advertising is seen by users requesting your product from search engines at the current time. Your offer appears in paid positions in front of the leaders of natural search results (Search ads) or in the form of a smart banner on the right side of the search page (contextual display advertising). Such advertisements are well suited for products that the user does not need a lot of time to decide on buying.

For a product for which the user needs time to purchase (think about everything, collect the necessary amount, choose a supplier or contractor), the so-called “catch-up advertising” may be well suited. It appears as a banner to the user while surfing the Internet, some time after the direct search for a product or service of your subject.

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