Leverage the immense potential of WordPress Multisite by taking charge of numerous websites from a single WordPress installation and seamless content management across multiple websites. With us, you get extremely reliable and scalable Multisite development that delivers massive long-term ROI.

Why Multisite?​

There comes a time when a single website becomes too big to scale, support and optimize with extensions, plugins and third-party tools. WordPress Multisite acts as a critical differentiator when your business wants to target different geographical markets and run websites in different languages.

  • Your magazine website grows exponentially and all its sections have the potential to become a website on their own.
  • Your business wants to explore newer markets for growth and you need subsites that are built to tackle specific geographies.
  • Your business website needs to scale in such a manner that there are different subsites for different branches.
  • Your business has grown in diverse verticals, and a single website is not enough to deliver the diverse messaging needed, and different verticals demand their own unique subsite.

Key Benefits of a WordPress Multisite Network:

Ease of Access and Management

Site administrators can access all sites on the network with just one username and password. As a site administrator, you can control and manage multiple sites through a single WordPress dashboard. But you can also deploy multiple access levels for easy administration. You can have a unique administrator for each site, but a super administrator can access and manage content for all sites. You can also make sure that a subsite administrator cannot get network-wide access.

Shared Themes

WordPress Multisite allows you to apply one theme across all your subsites, in one go. All one needs to do is choose a theme already installed on your WordPress Multisite, and click on ‘Network Enable’. This theme will be distributed across all your sites, with one click. But, that’s not all. There might be a need for some sites requiring a different theme, and Multisite gives you the flexibility to apply different themes to different sites. With the ‘Shared Themes’ feature you can essentially deliver a unified visual experience across all sites, or differentiate your subsites by adopting unique themes. The choice is yours.

Super Scalability

There is no limit to the subsites you can create. Think of scenarios wherein you want to grow your business in France and Spain. You can have two subsites, one in French and another in Spanish. But what if your business starts to grow massively in other EU countries. You can quickly scale up your Multisite network by adding subsites that target different EU countries. This can happen quickly and in a hassle-free manner. There are no management issues and more importantly, all this happens without overloading your server. This ensures optimum performance for all the sites.

Shared Plugins

Get the advantage of a shared feature that allows you to access shared plugins. This means if you want to add a plugin to all your sites, you can distribute plugins across all your sites, all at once, from the Network Admin Dashboard. With Multisite, the hosting account is able to share plugins with all the subsites on the network. If you do not want to install on a few sites, you can pick and choose your subsites. This saves a lot of time, otherwise spent applying plugins individually across all your sites. The ‘Shared Plugin Network’ enables you to apply all activated plugins on all your subsites.

Shared Users

If you are building different WordPress installations, creating duplicate user accounts across different sites is a tedious task. But this task becomes easier on Multisite as it allows you to centrally manage users and allow their access to different sites on the network. By managing access through User Settings, you can give access to a few chosen sites, or to all your sites.

Easy to Update and Maintain

The best part about Multisite is that it’s just a single WordPress installation, which means you only need to update once and then push this update across all your subsites. So, even if you have hundreds of sites, an update can be streamlined across all the sites, all at once. You don’t have to update separate sites individually, imagine the time that would take! The centralized nature of WordPress Multisite also means that it is very easy to maintain, with the help of standardization. One dashboard – Maintain multiple sites.