“Magento is a content management system (CMS) for e-commerce, on the basis of which more than 30% of online stores in the world are created. It is open-source software owned by Adobe Inc. Magento Marketplace has thousands of ready modules for CMS, among which you can even find free ones which limitlessly expand its capabilities, and a developer can write and add his own plug-in.


Together with Magento CMS created for e-commerce, the online store gets everything to start and grow the project with confidence, and most importantly, it is ready to adapt to changes. Built-in functions and modules make online commerce simple and understandable for administrators and buyers.

Managers get a convenient and intuitive product catalog control panel. It can be easily customized for any type of product: from auto parts to real estate to digital technology. Automated catalog management includes out-of-the-box features such as multilingualism, multicurrency, and step-by-step filtering. If we add modules for marketing, promotion and auditing, we get the perfect online sales tool.

For the visitors’ comfort, the basic version of the cart can already include browsed, added and favorite products, as well as history. The product tab will have reviews, ratings, reviews, and more to help make a buying decision. Powerful search and site navigation tools work for the same purpose. Attention to such minutiae, by the way, is also liked by Google search robots, which will evaluate the pages of the site higher and move them up in the results – increasing the chances that the buyer will see them. 4 advantages of an online store on Magento:


An online store on Magento will show your customers more and tell them where to look! This will be done by plugins displaying new products, related and similar products, and bundles, including “bargains together”. Other plugins plug in one-click checkout, run promotions that take into account your purchase history, and many other cool features depending on the specifics of your project. All of these will help increase the average check even for new customers, and automated newsletters can encourage repeat customers to buy.


Promotion in search engines is one of the main tasks of all online stores. Magento was created specifically to solve actual and potential problems of online commerce. CMS provides high page load speed, generates sitemap itself and simplifies the configuration of CNC and meta tags, and with the connection of SEO-modules can do even more! Together with analytics tools you will be able to appreciate the main advantages of the system – automation and flexibility.


Analytics tools will tell managers and the owner of the online store in detail and clearly about everything that happened on their pages. You will find out not only what is in demand in general and for each customer, but also what users search for in the search bar and add to favorites, who among them spent the most or often looks for new products. This data will help plan purchases and develop marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

Integration and Multichannel

You can connect payment systems, delivery trackers, chatbots and online managers, SMS and e-mail alerts, all social networks, popular marketplaces and much more to your Magento online store! Your customers will be able to contact you via any channel convenient for them, and thanks to the unified order management system you will be able to fully control the orders received from each of them.

The job of programmers is to assemble from thousands of modules a single whole, an online store on Magento, which will work steadily and bring profit.

Maximum functionality for B2C and B2B projects in flexibly configurable modules, easy administration, built-in marketing tools, SEO, analytics and integration – all this is an online store on Magento.

Thanks to the two versions of the platform, Community and Enterprise Edition, the development of an online store on Magento is equally well suited to the owners of still a small new business and huge corporations. The engine is used by well-known brands such as Nike and Nestle, as well as large Ukrainian companies, including Sushiya and Golden Age, which was developed by Brander team. The number of small online stores on Majento is increasing every day.


01. Analytics and preparation

You fill out a brief or tell us what you want from your new Majento site. We analyze your product, potential customers, competitors and other aspects of the business. We discuss ways to implement the idea, answer questions, and then together we choose the Magento package and plugins for it that will help you solve your problem better, faster and more profitably.

2. Developing TOR and design

After approval of the technical documentation, which will be relied upon by managers, programmers, layout designers, testers and other professionals involved in the project, we sign an agreement. Then begins work on the UI / UX site layout to test the usability of online shopping. We take into account the behavioral factors of the target audience and make sure that each action of the potential client on the site will lead to a purchase. We show you the tested prototype for approval.

3. UI design

Creating a unique and personalized theme that will not look like hundreds of ready-made templates in Magento Marketplace, as well as the layout, will take at least a month. This is justified if you need to create a brand image and be remembered by customers. Our designers will help with the development of corporate identity if you do not have a brand book yet. Brand colors, infographics, logos and icons will make your online store recognizable and improve conversion rate.

4. Front-end and back-end development

We buy and install CMS, as well as modules of our own design, in particular for extensions for payment and delivery of goods, as well as connect and configure them. If you need a custom plugin that can do something for which there is no ready-made solution, our developers will write it specifically for your online store. They will also create a common site architecture with a database and set up an administrative panel in the CMS. At the same time coders will write html-code for each page design layout, which will be seen by your users in a browser as a beautiful and functional online store.

5. Testing

Before we deliver a project, we test how stable, correct, and fast each component works. QA testing includes analysis of adaptability to different browsers and devices.


“Crealeon” – it’s not just 10 years on the market and more than 700 successful projects for e-commerce, including online stores on Magento, as well as dozens of companies that sell clothes and shoes, electronics and home appliances, children’s products and not only.

“Crealeon are people who are ready to share their experience with you and use all their knowledge and skills to make a successful and profitable project.

We care about your tasks, tasks of your business and, of course, customers of your online store. We know how important is comfort and stability. We can find elegant solutions for complex tasks and unusual for simple ones. We create beautiful outside, but to the smallest detail thought out and structured from within the online store.

Choose us if you have an idea which requires a personalized and customized approach. We will develop a solution by assessing the real needs of your business. You will get not just an easy to administer, logical and beautiful online store on Magento, but a productive, secure and scalable system that will work and earn. Our secret is marketing expertise. We analyze your target audience, product, market, competitors and only then we recommend the structure of the pages, offer the necessary features and do everything to make your online store ready for promotion.


The price of developing an online store on Magento depends primarily on the complexity of the task – how many hours of work programmers and other specialists will need to implement your idea. The difference between setting up a basic version of CMS with a template theme for a small trading platform and developing custom modules and design for a large-scale marketplace is huge.

Work on the creation of an online store on Magento includes the direct development of personalized modules or assembly of basic ones. In addition, it includes setting up and testing all functions, uploading pictures, creating product categories and many other important tasks, so that you get a site ready to start selling tomorrow!

In addition, it is impossible to calculate how much an online store on Magento costs, without taking into account the purchase of a server or hosting, as well as a domain. We can help you with that, and also provide technical support after the launch of the site.



The complexity of the project and the content are two aspects of forming the cost of developing online stores on Magento. Leave an application and we will provide a preliminary estimate of the project.


All stages of development of online stores on Magento conclude with a report to the client. Our team is always in touch and at any moment you can find out how things are going with the project.


The timing of the product depends on the desired functionality, the uniqueness of the design and other things. It is possible to give an approximate time if there is a full-fledged ToR.

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