We create digital product companies

To help small companies find their customers faster and for a good website to attract more visitors, we decided to make website design and development fast, utilitarian, and original while still maintaining a strong visual appeal.

Some Brands we work with:

Crealeon is a solid partner to the Small and Medium sized business all over the world.


Our company, founded in 2015, partners with esteemed organizations to create long-term value through exceptional craftsmanship, positive impact, and a dedication to excellence. Our partnerships are based on trust and mutual respect.


CREALEON, a brand and digital product agency with locations in Poland and Switzerland, focuses on solving problems for our clients. Our work is designed to be user-friendly and built to last. Our aim is to create products that improve people’s lives and stand the test of time.


Years on the market


Team size + 39 remote employees


Clients all over the world


Effective websites launched in 3 months in 2023


Organic traffic increase within 6 months after launching the new website

Why WordPress?

At the time of 2022 WordPress sites 7 115 914 have been created, and here are the best of them: Google, Disney, CNN, TikTok, Instagram, Microsoft, Spotify, TED, The New York Times, etc.​

WP is taking over the world – already over 43% of all websites in the world.


NrClientServicesMonthly visitsResult
265GallineeWordPress Development+Blog+Support+SEO25 000gallinee.com
264Richard JamesWordPress Development (Elementor)4 000richardjames-recruitment.com
263Aurelia LondonDesign+WordPress Development+Blog+Support+CRM+SEO25 000aurelialondon.com
262ProportionResearch and consultation+WordPress Development7 000proportionlondon.com
261TD construction testingWordPress Development34 500tdconstructiontesting.co.uk
260Martha BrookDesign+WordPress Development+WooCommerce+Support+SEO95 000marthabrook.com
259PaperstoneNDA30 000paperstone.co.uk
258RendescoWordPress Development18 000rendesco.com
257Power grid civilsDesign+WordPress Development42 000powergridcivilsltd.com
256Universal containersDesign+WordPress Development+CRM+Analitics+Support+SEO2 000universal-containers.com
255ThrudarkDesign+WordPress Development+Blog+Support85 000thrudark.com
254Bridge ConstructionWordPress DevelopmentClosed informationbridgeconstructionltd.com
253You must createWordPress Development2 700phoenixsurfacing.com
252OfficeologyNDA1 000officeology.com
251WhitmoresWordPress Development+WooCommerce+SEO6 000whitmores.co.uk
250Beavers WoodWordPress Development1 000beaverswood.co.uk
249Wool couture companyResearch and consultation40 000woolcouturecompany.com
248Open stopNDA3 000openaonestop.co.uk
247KNEESNDA95 000knees.co.uk
246CotterillcivilsСonsultation10 000cotterillcivils.co.uk
245Vacuk LtdWordPress Development2 000vacukltd.co.uk
244Redcat digitalNDA2 000redcat-digital.com
243MZ SkinDesign65 000mzskin.com
242Macgregor BlackWordPress Development+Blog+Support+Analitics+SEO78 000macgregorblack.com
241Rococo chocolatesNDA45 000rococochocolates.com
240Marlin selectionNDA1 000marlinselection.com
239Consumer additionsNDA7 000consumeradditions.com
238Women in sportNDA9 000womeninsport.org
237lredNDA5 000lred.com
236Thread in motionNDA25 000threadinmotion.com
235O'BRIENNDAClosed informationobriencontractors.co.uk
234i wimNDA2 000internationalwim.org
233Beamit GroupNDA2 000beam-it.eu
232MerlinNDAClosed informationmerlinerd.com
231Teesside internationalNDA25 000teessideinternational.com
230BisonNDAClosed informationbisonuk.com
229KEON homesNDA10 000keonhomes.co.uk
228Anwyl partnershipsNDA5 000anwylpartnerships.co.uk
227Blue groupNDA17 000blue-group.com
226ShnuggleNDA20 000shnuggle.com
225CapleWordPress Development+Blog+SEO+Analitics+Support45 000caple.co.uk
224RokbakDevelopment2 000rokbak.com
223Wavensmere HomesConsultation+Design+WordPress DevelopmentClosed informationwavensmere.co.uk
222NusteelWordPress Development (Elementor)+Support9 500nusteelstructures.com

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